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Overdraft Protection Service

  • Requires no action on your part
  • You do not have to sign any additional documents
  • It costs you nothing unless you use the Overdraft Privilege Service
  • Payments of Overdrafts up to $500 will be considered on eligible personal share draft checking
  • Additional convenience and flexibility in managing your funds!
  • Less aggravation and embarrassment!
  • $29.00 fee will apply to each item that would create an overdraft on your account
  • Restrictions Do Apply
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Board of Directors:

  Sharon Paullin
Vice President
  Mark Holsinger
  Edna Cox
  Dan O’Connell
Board member
 Ronald Atkinson
Board Member
  Robin Larue-Beasley
Board Member 
  Michelle Miller

Staff Members:

  Dan O’Connell
  Bobbie Chokenea
Lead Teller
  Kerri Schaub
Loan Officer
  Jade Behrendsen
  Ashley Piatt